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Terms and Conditions

Customers are subjected to follow the terms and conditions below in this platform.

1. Personal information

    1.1 Customers must ensure all the information provided are real and accurate.

    1.2 If there is any problem or mistake discovered, under the inaccurate information we received, Sportsgalaxy will not bear any responsibility to any loss.

    1.3 Personal Information Collection Statement

          1.3.1 Sportsgalaxy will use the information collected for orders delivery and promotion only.

          1.3.2 Sportsgalaxy will not sell customers' personal information for profit.

          1.3.3 The submission of personal data is voluntary. However, insufficient personal data may prevent Sportsgalaxy from providing accurate service or answering an enquiry.

          1.3.4 Information we collect about you is strictly confidential. We will not disclose any personal information provided by you to any external bodies or organisations unless you have been consulted or we are required to do so by law.

2. Buy and Sell

    2.1 We promise all products in Sportsgalaxy are Genuine products, there's no vacancies for counterfeits in this platform.

    2.2 If you are looking for a big quantity of specific products, or you would like us to source for you, please email your enquiry to sportsgalaxycs@gmail.com for further assistance.

    2.3 If we discovered the price inside the order incorrect, we will contact customers directly for confirmation, once customer confirmed new price, we will proceed the order.

    2.4 We will contact customers via email or WHATSAPP to confirm all received orders, to  ensure all information correct.

    2.5 Under limitation of our system, we are unable to list out stock information of all products, our staff will contact customers to confirm the delivery date.

3. Payment Method

    3.1 We have 3 payment methods for different kinds of customers.

           3.1.1 Cash On Delivery, for customers in Hong Kong Region and pick up in MTR system only.

           3.1.2 ATM transfer, for customers in Hong Kong Region only, deliver by express or mail parcel, we will send out the goods after payment settled.

           3.1.3 PAYPAL, for customers in Hong Kong and Overseas.

    3.2 Receipt

           3.2.1 We will confirm the receipt of payment via email or WHATSAPP.

           3.2.2 Receipt will be sent together with delivery.

4. Delivery

    4.1 Sportsgalaxy will put every effort to avoid damage to the goods delivered en route however all delivery risk is borne by customer. Sportsgalaxy takes no responsibility to any loss during delivery.

    4.2 If  customers discovered there is any defection of goods (exclude any color or goods do not meet your expectations or imagination and damages caused by transportation), we will replace it free.

    4.3 Delivery charges may vary by different countries, therefore all price listed does not include any delivery charges, taxes or additional charges by different countries. All delivery charges will be calculated by freight collect.

            4.3.1 We use SF express and EMS as our service provider for Hong Kong and Macau region, free delivery will be provided for orders exceed HKD 800.

            4.3.2 For overseas area, we use EMS as our service provider.

            4.3.3 If customer wants to use other company for delivery, please mention in remarks in order.

5. Sportsgalaxy retains all right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before each purchase to avoid any unnecessary controversy.